Run Right

Why Run Right?

Freedom in the Form! Whether you a beginning runner, wanting to take your running to the next level or want to train others, Run Right is for you!

Run Right results include:

  • The ability to coast, enjoy and glide through the run while conquering new trails, speeds and challenges.
  • Running injury free!
  • Allowing your body to perform at event greater levels.
  • Looking strong and powerful while continually improving and having fun running!
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Run Right Pro Clinics

Conquer bad running habits with proper technique and functional exercise that will truly change your run form.

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Master Trainer Certification

Are you a coach or trainer looking to improve your client or athletes running abilities? Become a certified Run Right Master Trainer.

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Trish Byerley, Master Trainer

Learn more about Trish Byerley, and her commitment to changing lives of runners through proper biomechanics and techniques.

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Run Right Clinics - $150

Run form is the key!

Date/Time Event
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Run Right Clinic
Mojo Fitness, Littleton CO

Run Right Clinics are designed to truly change your run form. Most clinics do not spend enough time actually running to conquer old habits with someone there to correct you consistently. Clinics run approximately 4 hours and will teach you form, technique, verbal queues and functional exercises to help enhance the strength of the perfect running form.

Who Can Come?

Any level of runner, beginner, intermediate or advanced are welcome at our clinics. If you answer yes to any of the following, Run Right is a great fit for you!
    • Do you bonk on your long distance runs or races?
    • Are you just learning there is actually a correct way to run?
    • Are you repeating injuries or becoming injured more often than ideal?

What to Expect?

This clinic will help transform your run through video analysis, drills, time running and being corrected and learning exercises to promote proper running form. The stronger and better runner you become in your form, the more fun running is each time. The Freedom in the Form gives runners a sense of strength; plus an open door opportunity for speed and endurance. The possibilities are endless once a person is running correctly with less risk of injury!

Run Right Master Trainer Certification - $499

Become the Professional

Date/Time Event
12/09/2017 - 12/10/2017
1:00 pm
Run Right Master Trainer Certification
Mojo Fitness, Littleton CO
Run Right trains trainers, coaches and athletes at any level to better train their clients/athletes in running or merely just themselves. This is an opportunity to become a respected professional in the field of running. With a certification to prove it! This program gives you the knowledge and education to take your coaching and training position to the next level, increase your income greatly with new opportunities and help gain and retain clients/athletes of all levels. Run right trains people at every level, those just learning to run themselves and those who are immersed in the field wanting to know even more about running form, video taping, strength and rehab exercises to service their clients to the next level.

Credits 6 NETA Credits .6 NASM and ACE Credits

Depending on who you need to update CEC's with, the number of credits varies. Contact your main certification company and fill out a petition form to submit your CEC's for credit if it is not through NETA. This must be done if you don't take a course through your original certification company that you are gaining CEC's for yearly.

Run Right Level 1(6hrs) Teaches the fitness professional how to train runners of all ages and skills. Module 1: Provides you with the history and the future of running with all the new information and changes. Module 2: Teaches all phases of running form to provide you a professional edge in working with athletes. Learn new exercises, warm ups, stretches and functional movements related to running. Take normal exercises and break them down into the smallest movements to help conquer weaknesses and imbalances. Module 3: Teaches how to put the entire system in to practice to make you profitable and successful. Learn how to analyze your client, gain a stronger eye for corrections and weaknesses. Learn the verbiage to help guide them to greater running form. You will leave with the skills on how to create a successful running program.

Run Right Level 2 (6hrs) Will teach you the intricacies of running at an advanced level. It is important to be ahead of your clients/athletes with the knowledge necessary to take them to the next level before they need it or arrive there without you prepared. Be educated so you take on any runner at any level. Module 1: Teaches core strength in such a creative and hands on approach. You will be able to know that everyone you are working with fully understands core strength, its importance and how to activate the correct muscles. Module 2: Learn new exercises, movements and warmups to activate and ingage the correct running muscles to prevent injuries, support the running technique and understand the value of strength training in running. Module 3: Works through common injuries and exercises to prevent and rehab so the athlete can start running again as soon as possible! Module 4: Teaches the advanced concepts pertaining to stride length, stride rate and the balance between the two. Take your knowledge from level 1 and become stronger in program design, video analysis, verbal queues and periodization. Module 5: Talks through nutrition for runners specifically. There are many old and new concepts out there. Let's go through them and get a grasp on how to talk to clients and athletes and understand what could work for them individually.

Trish Byerley

Director & Master Trainer

Meet Our Director and Master Trainer

Trish Byerley is an All American and Team USA Triathlon Competitor, Personal Trainer and Gym Owner. She is passionate about teaching and changing others lives through proper biomechanics and techniques. Trish has been personal training and racing for well over 20 years. She has worked under Olympic athletes and coaches and has put her knowledge into a format that is descriptive, interactive and insightful. "Running is an empowering sport which any age can participate. Finding freedom in one's running form will help progress one into new goals and a new sense of strength." Taking the initiative to learn a few simple components has changed runners of all levels so quickly that it's almost silly! The fun just begins when the light turns on and the form starts to really change. Doors are open, injuries are minimized and the fun for running becomes real.

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